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Defective Product AttorneyAlthough many manufacturers follow federal regulations regarding safety testing and manufacturing hygiene, there are too many defective products that escape onto the market. Some of these are accidental, and sometimes, the manufacturer intentionally ignores the law and releases a defective product for financial gain.

Defective products harm consumers. Off-label drugs, defective automobile parts, contaminated food, and mis-sized safety harnesses are, among many other products, responsible for serious personal injuries among consumers, and sometimes even wrongful deaths.

Hold a Manufacturer Responsible for Defective Products in South Carolina

If you live in South Carolina and have suffered an injury due to a defective product, the state also has a law that specifically protects you, the consumer. The law is called the Defective Products Act, and was passed in 1965 to reinstate tort lawsuits in South Carolina.

However, according to defective product laws both in South Carolina and at the federal level, the burden of proof of injury is on you, the injured party. If you still have the defective product, keep it and make sure your attorney knows you have it. Get documentation regarding your injury from a doctor, and even consider getting a second opinion. A South Carolina defective products attorney can help you with the discovery phase – you do not have to proceed on your own.

I Hurt Myself with a Defective Product and I Don’t Know What To Do

If you have suffered a serious personal injury, or a loved one has died, due to a defective product, you may be eligible to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. The South Carolina defective products attorneys at the Strom Law Firm understand that your focus is on healing, and can help you defend yourself against the negligent manufacturer. Contact us today for a free consultation regarding your case.

Defective Product Lawsuits

Defective Products in Columbia Can Lead to Lawsuits

As a consumer, you expect a product to be safe when you purchase it. The United States has federal regulatory agencies that oversee safety regulations and procedures for drugs, toys, furniture, food, and all the other items you handle on a daily basis. Unfortunately, some companies do not follow these regulations because they focus on making money. This means they manufacture defective products, which can cause serious personal injury or death.

If you have been harmed by a defective product, you may face medical bills and a long recovery process during which you cannot work. You are protected under state and federal law against physical and emotional injury from defective products, so you can file a personal injury lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Defective Products Law in South Carolina

Products become defective for many reasons: the design could be flawed, which is the result of failure to test the product properly; a manufacturing defect can occur if the product is not exactly based on the design, or if the wrong materials are used; or in some cases, a product is considered “legally defective” if there are no instructions for use, or the instructions are not appropriate to the product.

In South Carolina, the Defective Products Act codifies how the law proceeds with these types of lawsuits:

“One who sells any product in a defective condition unreasonably dangerous to the user or consumer or to his property is subject to liability for physical harm caused to the ultimate user or consumer, or to his property, if:

  • The seller is engaged in the business of selling such a product, and
  • It is expected to and does reach the user or consumer without substantial change in the condition in which it is sold.”

I’ve Been Injured by a Defective Product and I Need Financial Help!

If you suffered a personal injury, or a loved one died, because of a defective product, you may be eligible to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit against the retailer or manufacturer. The South Carolina defective products attorneys can help. We offer a free consultation to discuss your incident involving the defective product, so contact us today.

Suffering From Defective Products?

North Augusta Residents Suffer from Defective Products

By definition, a product defect hinders a consumer’s ability to use the item for the product’s intended purpose. While this is sometimes an accident on the part of the designer or manufacturer, and you can simply return the item to the store for a replacement, too often a defective product bypasses safety regulations on purpose so the manufacturer can make money.

Most states have protections for their residents who are harmed by defective products – in South Carolina’s case, the Defective Product Act, passed in 1965, protects South Carolinians from being harmed by a product intentionally or negligently designed, manufactured, or marketed. If you have been harmed by a defective product, you should know how to proceed with a personal injury lawsuit and should retain an attorney from Strom Law Firm today!

Starting a Defective Product Case in South Carolina

If you have been injured by a defective product and you want to file a personal injury lawsuit, the first step is to ensure the product is still in your possession. Do not throw it away or get rid of it – make sure you can use it to prove that it is defective.

The second step is to obtain information from your doctor regarding your injury, its cause, and treatment.

Third, contact a South Carolina defective products attorney. While you may bring forward complaints about manufacturing defects on your own, an attorney can help you gather evidence, and will fight for your rights in court.

My Injuries From a Defective Product Will Require Medical Treatment, and I Need Help

If you suffered serious personal injury from a defective product, the South Carolina defective product attorneys at the Strom Law Firm can help. We offer one free case evaluation to discuss your injuries and concerns, and if retained, we will fight for your rights in court. Contact us today. 803.252.4800